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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a break in a case that has literally kept communities up at night. one man suspted in more than 100 crimes. after months of eluding the poli, his crime spree has come to an end with one phone call. good evening. i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. for months we have reported on car break-ins all over west virginia. the crime spree frustrated homeowners and tonight police thinkhey have the guy who has been doing it. a surveillance detail caught him
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in the act this week. evidence found in his car and his house led back to virginia. darcy spencer is in fairfax with more on the call that cracked this case. darcy? >> reporter: last week a fairfax county woman called police to report a suspicious vehicle in her neighborhood. it turns out that car belongs to the suspected serial burglar and that call eventually led to his arrest. >> he came into our home. we were sleeping and we didn't find out until the next morning, until we actually walked out an saw our stuff all over the yard. >> this fairfax county woman is one of the many victims of the serial burglar, her home entered through an unlock door, cash stolen from her purse. now that the suspect has been arrested, she'll sleep a little easier tonight. >> it felt good knowingt least in the back of my mind, yes, this guy is caught. >> they arrested brad evans of oxenville, maryland this week when undercover officers caught
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him breaking into cars and homes. 15 charges related to residential burglary, and his currently in the montgomery county detention center on a $425,000 bond. >> edmond is expected in more than 1 00 crimes in fairfax, montgomery and princegeorge's counties. according to records, he has a history of burglary arrest and was convicted on drug and gun charges. >> that's where he went through. >> charles midkin says the burglar tried to break into his home but the door was locked and couldn't be pried open. >> i'm glad hedid get caught becae somebody would have gotten hurt. i would have given him a quick warning, stand still or you're full of holes. >> a resident in fairfax county found his car pulled over with intrig
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intrigue. >> i know our citizens will sleep sounder and safer tonight, and we're very proud of that. >> reporter: the police chief here in fairfax county tells me he hopes to file charges in this case very soon. he says it appears the motive in this investigation is personal gain, but it's unclear what exactly he used on all that money. reporting live from fairfax, darcy spencer news4. back to you. >> thank y, darcy. the jury still has not reached a verdict in the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. his name is ingmar guandique. he is the man accused of killing levy back in 2001. the jury has been deliberating more than 15 hours since wednesday. today the jurors sent a note to the judge. they asked for the legal definition of assault. the judge gave them an explanation and the deliberations resumed, proving that there was an assault in the case is an important element of the felony murder charge that
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guandique is facing. an assistant chief has been suended from the d.c. police department. diane groomes was put on administrative leave while an internal investigation is conducted into cheating allegations. a statement from the police said she is accused of helping members of the command staff take a test for a training course. the entire class will have to take a new test now. tonight groomese mailed a response to news4. she said in her words, i am sorry for my actions. it was a deadly accident on the dulles toll road tonight. it created havoc for the rush hour. a man was killed when he and another driver got t of their cars to investigate a fender bender in the eastbound lanes just past the main toll blazpla. a third car came along and slammed into one of those vehicles. one of the drivers was killed. traffic was backed up to the toll road and to 66. there was a similar accident in laurel when a car hit a man
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pushing a broken-down vehicle. two members of congress echoed the frustration of passengers throughout the country today when they said the new airport pat downs are overly intrusive. as millions of people prepare to fly for thanksgiving, agents with the tsa, the transportation safety administration, are trying to cool down what's become the country's hottest issue. jackie bensen is at the airport with more on this. jackie? >> reporter: an increasing number of people are starting to wonder if there isn't a better way. at national airpo, passengers waited to claim their bags aft a flight under the new more intrusive tsa screening, including body scans and pat-down sercarches. >> the one thing i noticed was there were more body searches going through security. >> the growing feeling of in intrusiveness had them issue a "don't hate us" statement
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through the union ofices they are ying to humanize. it reads, tsa officers carry out a crucial job for their country. they do not carry out the security procedures. with regard to the objection to the specific security procedures, i ask that the public and the media respect these officers and the important work they do. re lawsuits are coming from passengers who claim the new rules are unconstitutional, violating the fourth amendment ban on unreasonable searches. >> before you do the kinds of things to american citizens in the past, there must be some reasonable suspicion that they're involved in some criminal activity. >> the courts have approved their security needs, ghting that they are trying to maintain security. >> it doesn't mean they give a blank check to the government, they certainly don't do that, but it means they're cautious about stepping in and overturning a regulation that the executive branch thinks is necessary. >> 80% of americans who responded to a recent poll says
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they do not object to the recent body searches. >> i want to be safe, so it doesn't matter to me. >> the tsa will allow airline pilots to skip some security checks. back to you. >> thanks, jackie. clear out there tonight and chilly as well. we're told some big changes are coming for the holiday getaway. what kind of changes, doug? >> how about huge? we're going to be major pattern changes late nextweek just in time for a lot of us traveling on wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. temperatures are dropping right now. winds at south-southwest at about 7 miles an hour. frederick 30 degrees, 36 in sterling, 32 in manassas and the air force base coming in right now at about 39 degrees. a very cool night onight as we're looking at mostly clear skies across the area. that's going to lead to a cool morning tomorrow and a very nice weekend. but i' got details on those changes, when they'll arrive and
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how long they'll stick around. >> thanks, doug. the white house has sent t bpoil company another big bill for the gulf oil disaster. the new charges total more than $25 million. it is the eighth bill from the obama administration for the cost of removing that oil. the first seven bills added up to more than $580 million. bpas paid them all in full. more bills could be sent in the future. the oil rig exploon back in april killed 11 people. it caused oil to gush along the gulf coast for several miles. coming up tonight, authorities pulled more than 70 cats from a house in the middle of a fairfax county neighborhood. new brain surgeryechnique being done at a local hospital is offeringope for alzheimer's patients who want to live a more normal life. and salvation army bell ngers are feeling the holiday spirit after they were shooed away by a grocery store chain.
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what's in your wallet?
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keith shepard said during trial today that a siberian husky named bear bear attacked his dog, so he shot him. the brother of bear bear's owner testified that the dogs were just playing and that neither the dogs or anybody else was in any danger. the judge ruled the shooting was not necessary. he sentenced shepard to probation. an extreme case of animal hoarding has made a house in northern virginia unin
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habitable. that house is located in th 7100 block of village drive in columbia park in annandale. animal control officers got a tip and found at least 70 cats in the house. some of them were sick. the house was the headquarters of a rescue adoption group called kitty caregivers. the woman took on more than she could handle. >> it's pretty bad. the air quality is unsafe for huns as well as animals. >> i've been living there for years and i don't see anything wrong with the air, but not my choice to make. >> the homeowner is faced with a civil charge. she hopes she can get some of her cats back in thefuture. a new surgeryis giving alzheimer's patients a reason for hope. giving big in the music industry, giving back to the
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community. and we'll find ou if it might get just
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by the year 2050, it is estimated that one in 85 people will suffer alzheimer's dease. it is a degeneral rajgenerative that has no cure right now. but now doctors are trying an experimental brain surgery that they hope will cure the disease. doreen gentzler has thatreport. >> i fee great. a little tired. >> reporter: december 18, 2009. richard smith and his wife sheri are packingthe car, getting ready to leave on what they believe will an adventure. >> what do you think about what's lying before you the next several das? >> i think it's going to go smoothly. >> that adventure?
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an experimental brain surgery at georgetown university hospital. they hope to cure or at least stop the progression of smith's zheimer's disee, a condition he's been battling for t last 15 years. >> actually, when he was in his 40s, he started showing signs and symptoms, forgetfulness, odd behavior, a lot time management issues. >> reporter: because he was so young when the symptoms began, smith had a hard time getting a diagnosis. doctors didn't know if he was suffering from depression or if it was just part of aging. >> you almost hope it's depression because thas treatable, or male menopause, that's treatable or a phase. given a diagnosis of alzheimer's was just absolutely devastating. >> reporter: for yearshe couple kept his disease a secret. they were too embarrassed to let their friends and family know he was suffering. t then they cme across an ad for a promising clinical trial at georgetown. >> he just found himself having more and more difficulty with
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simple activities around the house. >> reporter: neurosurgeon dr. chris calhorn said the procedure involves injecting a synthetic gene into apecific part of the brain that degenerates in patients with alzheimer's disease. the gene carries the compound called nerve growth facr. >> it's designed to crankut is growth factor, if you will, to promote the restoration of nerve cells in that part of the brain. >> reporter: smith is about to enter surry. sheri kisses him goodbye, hoping this procedure will be the answer they've been looking for. nearly a year aft the surgery, sheri says her huand is starting to change. >> i see improvement in memory, iee improvement in personality. >> i engaged in doing stuff around the house when it's needed. we go out and have a good time. >> reporter: richard smith is now undergoing follow-up testing to measure his cognitive ability and his memory. doctors say he appears to be
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doing well. >> it makes me so happy. because i'm getting him back. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. >> this clinical trial is a double blind study which means nobody knows if richard smith got the placebo or the actual trial. it's getting chilly out there. >> it is getting chilly. it's down near 30 degrees. you'reoing to need the coats tomorrow morning as well. if you're out and about on your saturday morning, it will be a chilly one. out there right now, temperatures are quite cool and we saw a high today, the first day in about two weeks thate were actually below normal. we've seen well belowverage temperatures for two weeks. low this morning around 38 and actually our average low temperature this time of year is now 39 degrees.
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so say goodbye to any of the warm temperatures as we're starting to get cooler and cooler. average high today was around 56 or a little bit below that. now 42 degrees, t current temperature, winds out of the south-southwest at 7 miles an hour. nearly a full moon out there. that's beautiful. you have jupiter to look at i the night sky. 30 in frederick, 30 in manassas back towards martinsburg as well. plate o plato comes in at 32. we have a few clouds, most of these the hi level variety, so they won't ocure the moon that much. high pressure making its way to the south and east. cool tomorrow morning but milder air makes its way into e afternoon tomorrow. i think tomorro afternoon we will see a milder day with temperatures down around average during the day tomorrow. and then cooer air once again is another area of high pressure moves in from the north. so sunday will be rather cool once again, and monday we see a big warm-up.
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now, here's the big fly in the ointment. it's going to be our first taste of winter, i think. we've got a jet stream pattern dipping across portions of the mid-atlantic, but watch what happens th this jet stream next week. the low makes its way across the united states and just opposites over the great lakes andives us a huge trough of low pressure, bringing cold air from colorado and east of the rockies all the way toward the atlantic ocean. next week, the end of next week is going to be very, very chilly, most likely after thanksgiving. but that's when the changes come. clear skies for tomorrow morning. a chilly start 29 to 38 degrees as you wake up tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon i do think we'll see a nice afternoon with high themz between 56 and 59 degrees under mostly sunny skies and that sun will coinue on sunday but a little bit cooler, only 53. 63 on monday as we warm right back up, near 70 on tuesday but a chance of showers late in the day on tuesday, and then here comes the big changes. wednesday, thursday and friday.
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thursday we could be up near 60 about showers and thunderstorms, and friday, up near 70. our winter forecast coming monday at 11:00 if you want to know what it's going to be like this winter, including how much snowfall we're going to see. i've got the forecast coming up for you on monday,nd after st winter, a lot of questions to be answered. >> i want to know before monday. oh, okay. coming up, payoff time in high school football. [ male announcer ] shington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms.
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care to --he caps play
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some hockey tonight?ñr >> they did, they didn't play well. even if you're the cap tals chs two goals in 15 seconds as it is cap tolls fallñi into the hole. thrashers up 1-0 in the first. brendan eager with the puck into the board. he's out of position there. nick antrepau puts it in. 15 seconds later, anoer one, 3-0 atlanta. and that is the end of the night for then. look at alexander mistrau. look at that pretty move right pa michael norbert.
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the caps shut out for the first time in more than a year. they play the flyers tomorrow at 7:00. the number one overall pick still recovering from a foot injury. so without their starting point guard, the wizards go out and shoot 37% against the grizzlies. unds le a recipe for disaster. or perhaps an unorthodox recipe for success. yeah, this was an interesting game for these guys. first quarter, kirk hinrich, and arenas does what he does. second quarter, remember this guy? vasquez playing for the griz. it's vintageñivasquez, isn't it? wizards, though, would pull away. gilbert drives for the put hift
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back. 89-86 is the final. the wizards beat vasquez and the griz leez. georgetown and maryland all in action. we're going to start with the terps who were playing a top 25 team for the second day in a row. th time it was 13th-ranked illinois. you always do that inbound in practice, right? miles lennon throws it down for illinois. 34-46 at half çótime. the rps rally in the second half. the lay-up here makes it a one-point game, but that's as close asçó the terps would get. maryland down by eight. now dino gregory off the mark. illinois gets e rebound and they're on the run. dmitry in for the lay-up. illinois beats maryland 39-36. ausin freeman hitting it from down south.
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freeman goes for 14 for lo hoa l jolla. chris wright gets it back. he skoops it up and in. georgetown wins it 74-59. look at is cutie watching george mason taking on mesa state. hanging with the wolfpack second after. here comes lou hancock, takes it to the hole. he has 11 points in the game. mason leads 56-55, but the wolfpack just too much. turning up the defense, they start to break lorenzo brown. ji laird and the patriots lose 78-65. high school football now. quince orchard and damascus fighting for the right to go to
11:28 pm
a seventh quarter. frasier up for brandon phelps. th kid i going to u for good reason, because he is good. 33-14 was the final. they advance to the state semi-finals. >> good for them. by the way, i make my mistakes before thousands of people every night. and they all let me know that. stay tuned.
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the town in virginia gave salvation army bell ringers a safe haven to raise money tonight. the invitation came after giant foods changed its solicitation policy, alling bell ringers to work only six days a month. the salvation army says half of the $1.3 million raised by local bell ringerslast year ce from kettles outside giants food stores. wally is making the thanksgiving holay better for some families in the ar. he went to bar 7 in northwest d.c. dinners inuded turkey and all the fixings. they ao collected donations. he said it' a good feeling to give back to the community where
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that's our broadcast for now. "tonight" show is coming up next. i hope you have a good weekend, folks.


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